The Story Behind the Stories

I feel that art connects us all. All artists have different ways of expressing their vision through numerous visual or other sensory ways. Some choose to unite, some divide or challenge the viewer, but I believe the best art causes us to think and expand our minds and spirits to new levels.

More Than Just a Name

Reflections by Sue Eckl

I am an Indianapolis-area photographer focused on visual story-telling. I strive to help heal injured souls by sharing images that convey common spiritual emotions we develop by going through conflicts.

I hope to encourage people through this medium to help the viewer recognize that they are never alone through those obstacles and they can be confident that with faith, hope and love they will not just survive but thrive. 

Why the name Reflections? As a photographer I use both photo reflectors as well as external light sources to light my subjects. I feel like the images I am currently creating don't emanate from me, rather I hope they reflect the inspiration I believe I receive from God to share with others. Then once those images impact others, I hope they then can focus back to God. The second meaning of reflections are that these are concepts I meditate on and strive to understand myself so I in turn can help others.


Growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago, Sue has had a camera in her hand ever since she won a 35mm Chinon camera in an art contest when she was just 10 years old. Then when she was 13, she entered her first photo contest in a major magazine. After graduating from Northern Illinois University with a BFA in Visual Communication, Sue moved to the northwestern suburbs of the Windy City and worked professionally as a graphic designer



Sue has created a full photography studio and enjoys outdoor photography as well while creatively shooting seniors, engaged couples, families, newborns and weddings. 

Through her senior photography business, Sue was recently honored by SeniorInspire Magazine as one of the “One Hundred Photographers I’d Like to Follow in 2021” award and was also recently a finalist in the “Yellow Category” at Roberts Camera Gallery Night sponsored by Nikon. 

Beginning in 2020, Sue embarked on a 15-piece fine art photography series entitled “Catharsis” where she explored the complexity of shared spiritual emotions as people are transformed through the impact and ramifications of unexpected tragedy.